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Oils, March 2009

A piece of historically inspired fantasy. Brigantia was a Celtic war goddess, identified with the Roman Victoria. In this picture I wanted to encapsulate the spirit of pre-Roman Britain: artistic, poetic, mystical and untamed. I used my imagination on the details, designing my own motifs, although keeping to the spirit of Celtic art. I took the image in a fantasy direction with the costume. A real Iron Age warrior would have worn a sort of tartan tunic and trousers and a heavy woollen cloak fastened with a broach. That or fought naked...

I used to depict a lot of delicate, gentle brunettes, so I'm not sure where this blonde bombshell came from! I'm pleased with all the dragon-related designs I managed to get into this composition, from the chalk figure on the cliff to the abstracted beasts in Brigantia's tattoos and weaponry. My camera hasn't done this painting justice, but you get the general idea.